We are supporting international job seekers to work in Japan.

Aoyama Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Dispatch Division, offers human resources service for those who want to work in Japan and also to the companies which are interested in working with foreigners and willing to grow worldwide. Our services include job matching, introduction of job applicants to the companies for the available job, and a proper visa support to work in Japan. Moreover, there will be regular interviews after joining the company. Please feel free to consult your concerns about work and daily life in Japan.

Please contact us if you are in one of the following circumstances.

Please contact us if you are in one of the following circumstances.
  • You want to work for a Japanese company.
  • You are currently working at a Japanese company and thinking to change the current job for career improvement.
  • You want to learn Japanese technology and get working experience in Japan.
  • You are thinking to earn more than the current salary at your home country.
  • You are interested in Japanese culture and want to live in Japan.

Five reasons to choose our human resources service.


Reliable support system

You can consult with us to get the suitable job with your qualification and working conditions. We offer continuous support even after you have started working to make sure that you are comfortable in Japan.


Our achievements over many years

We have over 80 years of manufacturing experience and business achievements and have earned the trust of many customers.


Regular employees, Long-time and Part-time workers

We employ those who have found their desired work (dispatching company) as regular employees or long-time part-timer workers.


Enhanced training system

You can improve your skills with a training system that is useful for actual work.


Various insurance systems

Various insurance systems have been established so that you can work with peace of mind for a long time.

For international students who want to work in Japan

We offer employment support for international students who graduate from universities, graduate schools and vocational schools in Japan.
Please let us know your desired industry, occupation, work location and expected salary, etc. You just need to send your resume to apply for a job.
We will search a job and introduce you to the companies based on your qualifications.
We will also provide you a full support for changing student visa to working visa.
We will also help you find accommodation in Japan and procedures for utilities.

For foreigners residing in other countries

We support foreigners who have never been to Japan and interested in working in Japan This is for those who have graduated from universities or graduate schools in their home countries. We will search for a work that matches your study at the university, such as engineering in mechanical, electrical and electronics, civil, automation, IT or computer science, business studies and other science and engineering related fields.