To connect qualified job applicants and the companies

Aoyama Manufacturing Co., Ltd is supporting the foreigners who want to work in Japan for better career with peace of mind. This human resource service aims to serve as a bridge between "International students in Japan, people who want to change their current career, the foreigners residing overseas who have motivation to work in Japan" and “Japanese Companies which are considering to work with foreigners having a high technical skills, great interest to explore Japanese technology and knowledge to share with Japanese colleagues”.

Jobs to offer

  • Machinery


  • Engineering Design

    Engineering Design

  • Electronics


  • IT


  • R&D


  • Others


Terms and Conditions of Employment

  • Should be a university graduate.
  • Should have the skill suitable for engineering and science related work.
  • Should be highly motivated to work in Japan and love Japanese culture.
  • Should be able to work for a long-term career success.
  • Should be able to communicate in Japanese.

Flow to the introduction of work



Please contact us using the contact form on our website or send us a message on Facebook. The advisor will contact you within three business days after receiving your inquiry.



We will ask you about your experience and aspirations by a face-to-face meeting or through Skype or Facebook Messenger. Then, we will consider the best career plan for you.
* We may not be able to introduce or recommend the jobs depending on the appropriateness and qualification.


Introduction to the companies

We will introduce you to the companies where you can demonstrate your ability and capability. The rest assured that your documents will be checked, and you will be given the support for interviews before application.



Once you have decided the companies of your choice, our advisors will work with you and provide the required procedures until you are employed, such as negotiating the working conditions, arrangements to live in Japan, and applying for a visa.


Immigration, unofficial offer and joining a company

If you have been granted a working visa, you can get an official offer, and join the company. The advisor will coordinate the joining date between you and the company, and provide you complete support until you join the company.
(* Permanent employment will be offered after you have granted a work visa.)